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Rahat Foundation is a Voluntary Organization who Donates and Supports the Poor people. Rahat Foundation helps people, by people, through people, to people. Don't say thankyou, Help only three people.

लोगो से , लोगो द्वारा , लोगो के लिए मदद

राहत फाउंडेशन का अर्थ है रिलीफ "लोगो से, लोगो द्वारा, लोगो को राहत (रिलीफ) देना"

राहत फाउंडेशन एक ट्रस्ट है. राहत फाउंडेशन का मुख्य उदेश यह है की जरूरत मंद लोगो की कैसे मदद की जाये . राहत फाउंडेशन लोगो से , लोगो द्वारा, लोगो के लिए एक संस्था है जो क्राउड फंडिंग के हेल्प से लोगो की आर्थिक मदद करता है . राहत फाउंडेशन "थैंक्यू मत कहो , हेल्प थ्री पीपल " के कांसेप्ट पर लोगो को आपस में जोड़ रही है. इस से जो क्राउड फण्ड जमा होगा उस से जरूरत मंद लोगो की हेल्प की जाती है. एजुकेशन के छेत्र में , मेडिकल में एवं गरीब लड़की की शादी में लोगो की मदद की जाती है.

राहत फाउंडेशन में लोग अपनी इच्छा से जुड़ते है और गरीब लोगो को कुछ पैसे से मदद करतें हैं , जो की यह भारतीय परम्परा की पहचान है.

The Raahat Foundation is a Voluntary Organization - managed by all of us who are reading this. It is a association of like minded people who have seen life and want to pay back to the society in some form to make life worth living for all. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or a venture by raising money from a large number of people, especially via the internet. These people are called Donors, and they can contribute any small amount of money depending on their capabilities. It targets individual donors. Fundraising is seeking financial support for a cause or a charity. It reaches more audience because Someone who starts a fundraiser campaign has a lot of followers/support and the supporters persuade their team to garner more reach.

There is a misconception that fundraising is more effective as compared to crowdfunding. However, the power of Internet, social media, virality and trends make crowdfunding campaigns more successful as opposed to traditional fundraisers. It has been practiced in India since ancient times, mostly for funding cultural and religious causes. We called it "Chanda" back then. The modern day crowdfunding originated from the West and is one of the best financing options for any cause, especially if it has a mass appeal. At any given time in life, you may be in need of financial assistance. It could be for a celebration, travel, medical emergency, education, a social cause, or more. And much more, depending on your interests. So, If you lack funds to pursue your interests, you can opt for crowdfunding. Many individuals have chosen for this method and have succeeded in gaining funds.


Help Online

the power of Internet, social media, virality and trends make crowdfunding campaigns more successful as opposed to traditional fundraisers.

Our Mission and vision

Our mission is to create a platform like where people can help each other where needy people can be helped. In most cases, your initial investment you are required to pay as start-up capital will not even come close to your earning potential. To make people ruddy in a profession like this by allowing people to work smarter, not harder. You can generate Passive Residual Income as you know You could have all the savings in the world but when that rainy day comes your savings will eventually be depleted.

Be a Volunteer

Connect with network of foundation, Volunteer to causes that you care the most, Help foundation to excel using technology, Track your volunteering contributions

Save a life

You cannot give a Life.... But you can save a Life... Save A Life with Rahat Foundation.
Rahat foundation is a Crowdfunding Organization.


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